Effective 2-18-2020

​​​​​​​AFX Lighting - Decorative Ceiling, Linear, Overbed, Pendant, Sconce, Undercabinet, Vanity, Outdoor ​​

ACS / Uni-Fab - Modular cable solutions for lighting and power. Wiring for underfloor systems

Alphalite - LED Troffers, Strips, Wraps, High bays, wall packs, canopy and area lighting

AstraLiteUnique Emergency and Exit Products.  Inverters and Emergency Battery Packs.

Atlantic Lighting - Recessed, cylinders, Lowbays, Highbays

AUDACY- Wireless Lighting controls

BESA Lighting - A leading brand of decorative architectural lighting products.

Camman – Decorative Architectural Lighting, pendants, sconces, house of worship products

Cathode Lighting Systems– Custom and Modular cold cathode systems

CGF Design Architectural, Decorative, and Vandal Resistant.  Dark Sky options.

Crystal Lighting– Outdoor LED Garage, Area, Post tops and Wall packs.

d'ac Lighting – "Soft-Industrial" Decorative and Accent Lighting with a new look.

Efficient Lighting – Elegant Energy Star Rated Residential and Multi Family Products.

Evenlite– Emergency Exit Signs &Lighting solutions.  Central Inverter Systems.

Everbrite Lighting - Medical MRI and Illuminated panel lighting.

The Fountain People - High Quality LED Lighting solutions for Underwater Applications

Hapco- Steel and Aluminum Site lighting Poles

Hemera - Highly Decorative Wall Sconces, Unique Suspension Pendants, Floor and Table lamps.

Illumitex- Trusted Solutions Provider in Horticultural and Industrial LED Lighting

ILP - Industrial Lighting Products.  LED products, and still some Fluorescent options.

Indatech Lighting - Hazardous and severe duty lighting

Indessa - Decorative Wall Fixtures for Interior and Exterior use

intrigue lighting - architectural, pedestrian-scale, exterior lighting fixtures

KLUS Design - LED Tape Light, Extrusions and accessories for Cove, undercabinet, step Lighting 

KW Poles  - Steel and Aluminum site lighting Poles

​LA Lighting - Commercial and industrial LED and Fluorescent - MADE IN USA

LEDCONN​"Lighting as an Art Form."  LED Light Panel, LED Lux Mesh, flex neon & Light Box.

Lightwa- Decorative Commercial and Architectural Lighting

Ligman Lighting USA– European Design, High Quality Lighting 

Litelab - Lighting Solutions for Museums, Retail and Architectural Environments

LUMAX –  LED & Fluorescent Products made in the USA for more than 30 years

LUMUX - Well Priced Architectural Lighting built and stocked in California.

LZF  - Unique Handmade Wood Lighting. "Wood Touched By Light"

Marlin Controls– Advanced Lighting Control Systems

Metalumen – High Quality Architectural Direct, Indirect, and Direct/Indirect.

Nippo – Linear Seamless 

NORA Lighting Downlighting, Track, Rail, Undercabinet, Multiples. . .

PAC Lights - Commercial and Industrial Lighting Fixtures and Retrofit Kits

PEMCO- Outdoor and Street Lighting

PLC Multipoint- Lighting control systems

PMC Lighting– Downlighting and Linear

Primus Lighting – Quality Accent Lighting

​Rayon - Recessed downlighting and Outdoor

Rambusch – Downlighting, Accent, Decorative and Custom Lighting.

Secto Design - Decorative Lighting. Innovative Design. Wood Material- Pendant, Floor, Table, Sconce

SNOWBALL - Decorative Rings and Squares. RGBW, and also a selection of more commodity products. 

SOLTECH - Smart Solar Lighting

Steinel Controls - Lighting controls - unsurpassed human presence detection

Stonegate- Decorative and Custom Architectural lighting

telkonet -  Intelligent Automation and Energy Management - EcoSmart Products

TPR - LED and Fiber Optics.

TMS Lighting - Decorative and Custom Lighting 

Uplight Group - Creative lighting designs from around the world.

V-TAC - A full range of LED lighting products and Lamps

Vision 3- Landscape Lighting

Vokslyte - Intelligent Luminaire Design

​VONN Lighting - A super Wide selection of Decorative Architectural indoor and outdoor, including illuminated mirrors.

Whatley Poles - Composite and Fiberglass poles

Zoom Lighting - Linear Products from Atlantic Lighting.